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Chris & Angela

Founders & Owners

Chris & Angela moved abroad from the United States with their two children in 2001. Their time in the Mediterranean region surrounded by the beauty, history, and culture inspired them to start a travel company that helps others experience that too. 


Though born and raised in Georgia, Turkey has become a second home. Above all, they are passionate about bringing freedom, confidence, and delight to their staff, suppliers, and customers. 



Event Director

We call her our “Queen of Conferences.”  With great attention to detail and professionalism she serves meeting and event planners from start to finish. She specializes in taking excellent and personal care of thousands of event guests every year! Her enthusiastic spirit and highly competent mind are treasured by both our clients and our team.

Having lived and studied abroad throughout her life, she brings a valuable international perspective to our office. She and her husband have two adorable kids that keep them on the move.



Tour Operations Director

Elif is the lead tour operations designer for Sojourn. 

She has been working in the travel industry for over 20 years and has experience working with English, Dutch, and Turkish speaking companies.

With her strong support as their mom, her son is now studying in North America and her daughter is an accomplished gymnast.

Our Team




Umay manages Sojourn's funds, accounting, and every other financial detail for you with great care and honesty.

She is a wonderful mother to her teenage son. Umay is a loving and caring person who helps remind all those in her life that people are more important than tasks. And her smile can be read through her emails.

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Event Coordinator

I was born in Shiraz, and lived in multiple cities in Iran throughout my childhood. I studied Architecture for my Bachelor’s degree, which made me realize my love for traveling, learning about diverse cultures, and extending my knowledge of them. For that reason, working as a MICE Assistant in Sojourn has been a great journey so far; Helping individuals plan their events flawlessly and insuring everything is in order and set. My favorite part of the job would be seeing all the planning come together and meeting all the amazing people from around the world. 
As for my hobbies, I have a great passion for photography, reading books, and listening to various genres of music.

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Sales Assistant

I was born in Antalya and have been residing here ever since. I pursued my passion for history by studying at Akdeniz University for my undergraduate degree. Following that, I completed a master's program at the Institute of Turkish World Studies at Ege University, focusing on the history of the Crimean Khanate for my thesis. Additionally, I have devoted my studies to fields such as Turkic mythology, the history of religion, military and social history. My love for intellectual discussions extends beyond history to include subjects like anthropology, ethnography, philology, paleography, sociology, philosophy, and literature.



Sales Assistant


I was born and grew up in Balikesir in the northwest of Turkey. I am a Tourism Management graduate from Akdeniz University. My passion lies in curating exceptional travel experiences and fostering meaningful cultural connections. During an enriching internship at a prestigious hotel in America, I gained valuable insights into guest services and international tourism dynamics. I enjoy indulging in movies, video games, basketball, and exploring diverse cuisines. I am deeply committed to sustainable and responsible tourism practices, aiming to leave a positive impact on both travelers and local communities.

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Fuat Kocabaş

Tour Guide


Graduating from Selcuk University with a degree in Tourism Guiding in 2004, Fuat built his career in tourism and relocated to Antalya the following year. Since then, Antalya has become his home as he passionately works as a tour guide. He is dedicated to creating joyful experiences for people. His expertise lies in cultural tours and leading hiking expeditions along the stunning Lycian Way that traces through Turkey's Mediterranean region. Assisting and witnessing the happiness of tourist groups brings him immense joy. Fuat further explained that “being part of the Sojourn team has not only brought happiness but also allowed him to make friends from all corners of the globe”. Fuat is happily married and is the proud parent of two little "monsters," a girl and a boy. It's a wonderful experience for him to contribute to people's happiness in Turkey and witness the joy reflected in our tourists eyes.

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Belgin Yurdagül

Tour Guide


Studying English throughout her education, Belgin graduated from Ankara University with a degree in Dutch Language and Literature. Subsequently, she continued her studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands, focusing on Dutch studies. Upon returning to Turkey, she pursued a career as a tour guide by completing a course organized by the Ministry of Tourism. Married with two children, she takes great pleasure in sharing information about famous destinations and Turkey’s rich culture with visitors. Since 2001, she have been conducting tours in both English and Dutch languages for tourists visiting Antalya.

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Said Güney

Tour Guide


Said, has a background in Arabic Language and Literature and International Relations, obtained his guiding license in 2008, specializing in English and Arabic. He has worked in the Middle East Gulf Countries and Africa from 2007 to 2017 and has been an active Tour Guide in Istanbul since 2017. Beyond his professional life, he is an enthusiastic traveler, having explored over 25 countries. Sait actively participates in training programs, gaining specializations, and fostering connections with fellow tour guides to learn more so he can share his knowledge with his tourists. His love for photography and sea activities complements his role in the Sojourn team, where he takes pride in being a valued member.


Ismail Pürsün

Tour Guide


Having initially pursued a degree in English Language and Literature, Ismail’s journey led him from the banking sector to teaching English and crafting questions for academic English exams. Fueled by a lifelong passion for guiding, he obtained his license in 2019, sparking an interest in art history and archaeology. Leading tours in Cappadocia and pursuing a master’s degree, he warmly invites you to explore this captivating region with Sojourn, promising an experience that transcends a visit into a collection of indelible memories.

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Nisa Buket Dağdelen

Tour Guide


With a strong dedication to studying English, Nisa graduated with honors from high school. In 2022, she completed studies at Ege University's Tourism Guidance department, excelling with top grades. Since 2022, she has proudly served as an English-speaking professional tour guide, specializing in Cappadocia region tours. Her passion lies in creating engaging and entertaining tours, while also providing in-depth cultural knowledge about Turkey's rich history and heritage. With a commitment to favorable tourist experiences, she interacts effectively with diverse groups, sharing enthusiasm, and adapting to cater to a wide array of cultures from around the world.

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Aylin Atalay

Tour Guide


Aylin, holds a degree in tour guiding from Erciyes University in Cappadocia. Since beginning her career as a guide, her dedication to the profession has been unwavering. Renowned for her hospitality, flexibility, and excellent communication skills, this seasoned guide has had the privilege of interacting with diverse groups of people from around the world. In addition to his proficiency in tour guiding, she possesses a keen interest in astrology and culinary arts, and she finds solace in exploring different valleys through hiking. Beyond his professional pursuits, she harbors a profound passion for the sea, demonstrating a love for swimming and snorkeling.



Office Services

Ümmühan is our deep Turkish culture expert. She makes sure all of our visitors are greeted and provided with tea and coffee. She also keeps our team well hydrated and healthily fed. She is the smiling face of hospitality in our office.  She has three kids, one of whom is now a nurse. She has been part of training our interns in Turkish culture and connecting them with local life.

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Event Coordinator

I was born and raised in Famagusta, on the east coast of Cyprus. Famagusta is very popular amongst students, as it holds one of the best universities on the island. As a result, I grew up in a bi-cultural atmosphere, which made me interested in traveling and trying various cuisines worldwide. I studied for my bachelor’s in Cyprus and went to England for my master's. Passionate about helping others and getting to know different cultures, I pursued tourism. Currently, I am working as a MICE Assistant with an amazing team, helping our clients find their perfect venues and help organize their events.
My hobbies beyond traveling extend to the gaming world, music, and movies/series.



Sales Assistant

I was born and raised in Antalya. I graduated from the American Studies department at Hacettepe University. Now I enthusiastically create and organize captivating tours that showcase the rich culture and historical landmarks of Turkey. I have developed a particular love for music from various countries and languages, finding inspiration and joy in its diverse melodies. My interests extend beyond the realm of travel, as I am deeply passionate about books, movies, mythology, and art. Constantly seeking new avenues for exploration and growth, I strive to create memorable experiences for those eager to discover Turkey's heritage.

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Mehmet Tetik

Tour Guide


With over three decades of expertise, Mehmet has become intimately acquainted with the historical treasures nestled within Istanbul's vibrant streets but has also had the privilege of exploring various breathtaking locations throughout Turkey. Born and raised in the mesmerizing city of Istanbul, Mehmet’s  passion for art set him on a fascinating path into fine arts. Eager to deepen his understanding, he ventured into studying restoration techniques, enhancing his appreciation for preserving cultural heritage. After obtaining certification as a qualified guide in 1995, it has been both an honor and pleasure for him to share his knowledge with countless visitors worldwide. Alongside his love for exploring and appreciating art, family values hold a special place in his heart, and he considers himself fortunate to be a caring husband, cherishing the joys of marriage, and a proud father of an amazing daughter.


Rabia Öznalbant

Tour Guide


With a degree in Travel Agency Management and German language specialization from Mersin University, Rabia brings extensive experience from various travel agencies. Her passion for culture and history led her to study Tour Guiding at Ege University, obtaining a professional license in 2006. For 15 years, she has been a proud part of Sojourn, finding joy in sharing her knowledge with diverse tourist groups. As a dedicated parent based in Kusadasi, she enjoys the region's natural beauty and has embraced a new adventure on a small farm since the pandemic. As a pastime she engages in tours with colleagues to explore more of Turkey to provide you with the best experiences possible on your journey to Turkey. 

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Ferruh Armutcuoğlu

Tour Guide


Ferruh is a seasoned guide with a profound passion for travel, holds a professional tour guide license from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. His background includes academic pursuits in English Language and Literature, MA studies in the UK, and a PhD focused on Translation Theories. Formerly an academician at Istanbul's Galatasaray University, he now dedicates himself full-time to guiding, bringing a unique blend of academia and practical expertise into the mix. With a diverse background in art, archaeology, and history, Ferruh conducts workshops on interpretation and cross-cultural topics. Viewing guests as travelers, not tourists, he emphasizes a holistic cultural experience and invites others to join him for an enthusiastic exploration of Turkey

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Yunus Özdemir

Tour Guide


With bachelor degrees in Tourism Guiding and Classical Archaeology, Yunus brings over two decades of experience as a professional tour guide in Turkey. Holding a master’s degree in Cultural Heritage and pursuing a Ph.D. in Tourism Guiding, he is also a co-founder of the Carian Trail, contributing significantly to the preservation of Turkey's historical and natural legacy. Formerly a lecturer at Cappadocia University, he mentored guide candidates for seven enriching years, adding depth to his professional and personal growth to help bring you the most enjoyable tours possible.


Dicle Gündem

Tour Guide


Dicle is a seasoned local guide proudly associated with our team here at Sojourn, she is a native of central Turkey with a degree in tourism management. With over 21 years of experience, she has had the privilege of guiding diverse groups, primarily from North America, in both English and French. Her passion for guiding goes beyond profession; it's a deep commitment to showcasing the beauty of her homeland. Certified for biblical tours, she provides a comprehensive and enriching experience for visitors. Dicle looks forward to welcoming you to Turkey in the future.



Tour Operations Assistant

Right hand to Elif in all matters with your reservations and communications, he works to be sure every detail is arranged perfectly for your tour.
He has super dad status in our eyes as he partners so gracefully with his hard working wife to raise their daughter.



Executive Assistant

I was born in Kayseri, which is near the very popular Cappadocia region. In 2012, I successfully earned degrees in Ancient Greek Language and Literature from Akdeniz University, as well as International Relations from Anadolu University. My professional journey began as a MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) assistant in the field of hospitality and tourism. Through dedication and growth, I have advanced to my current role as an Executive Assistant. I take great pride in being an integral part of the dynamic realm of Sojourn. My deep affection for the city I call home further fuels my enthusiasm for my work. I look forward to continuing my contributions to our travelers and my community.



Sales Assistant

I was born and spent my entire childhood in Hatay, a city that has hosted many civilizations and is considered sacred by three major religions. Relocating to Antalya for college, I studied Gerontology and graduated from Akdeniz University. It was during my time in Antalya that I realized my passion for working in tourism. I thoroughly enjoy communicating with travelers and learning about their cultures from their perspective. The Sojourn Turkey team focuses on preparing perfect fit itineraries that satisfy our guests' exact needs and desires, and I am proud to be a part of it. I enjoy organizing many details and continuously learning new things as I carefully consider every single detail to ensure each traveler’s itinerary is perfect.

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Şerife Arslan

Tour Guide


Graduating from Balikesir University with a degree in tourism guidance in 2011, Serife worked as a guide in Antalya for four years. In 2016, she transitioned to working as a cabin crew member at Corendon Airlines, providing the opportunity to visit 12 countries which heightened her love for tourism. Since then, her passion for tourism guiding led her to Kas/Kalkan, where she has been working for the past six years. Kas/Kalkan serves as the central hub of the ancient Lycian civilization, and throughout her exploration, she has immersed herself in the remarkable architectural marvels, captivating historical tales, and geographical wonders of Lycia. One of her cherished pastimes includes embarking on invigorating hikes along the renowned Lycian Way and Carian Way trails, showcasing stunning vistas and the unique plant life and wildlife found in the region. Besides her professional pursuits as a guide, she also possess a profound passion for herbalism, aromatherapy, and astrology.

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Feray Kocabaş

Tour Guide


Fluent in both English and German, Feray pursued a profession as a certified tour guide. With a career spanning collaborations with various travel agencies and tour groups, she joined Sojourn four years ago. Having lived in Antalya for 17 years, her love for the city has grown immensely. As a parent of two children, a boy and a girl, she prioritizes quality time through activities like trekking, swimming, and exploring new places. She finds the art of communication particularly fascinating and she loves sharing stories about travel and history. Guiding others throughout Turkey brings Feray immense joy, and given another opportunity at life, she stated, “she would unquestionably choose the same profession again”.


Babür Kafadar

Tour Guide


Embarking on a cultural exploration journey, Babür studied Synology at Ankara University, shaping a future dedicated to adventure. From a Scuba PADI dive master to a reserve officer in the Turkish Army, he returned to Kusadasi to join his family's business. However, passion led him to obtain a guiding license in 2008. Enthusiastic about ancient Anatolian culture, especially Coastal Anatolia, he enhanced his Chinese language skills in 2010-2011, paving the way for a career in Chinese guiding. In 2020, he earned a professional Yacht Master license and completed expertise courses on various historical sites. Now, as a professional skipper and guide, he navigates and shares captivating experiences with tourists that visits Turkey. 

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Sakis Leonidis

Tour Guide


With a profound passion for history and culture, Sakis’ areas of specialty encompasses Biblical and Jewish Heritage Sites, Wine Roads in Turkey, Byzantine Studies, and Pre-Greek Cultures in Anatolia. HIs extensive travels to over 40 countries and 120 cities, both as a traveler and a guide, have enriched his understanding of diverse cultures. Fluent in Turkish, Greek, and English, he brings a multilingual dimension to your touring experience.

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Ahmet Kutlu 

Tour Guide


With over two decades of experience in Sales & Marketing in a multinational corporation, Ahmet  has joyfully returned to the tourism industry. An Istanbul native fluent in English, French, and Turkish, he has led diverse groups through domestic and international routes for more than 10 years. From exploring the national parks of the United States to riding Tuk-Tuks in Vietnam, he is a seasoned professional crafting bespoke routes tailored to your interests. His core principles are communication and curiosity, and he currently reside in Istanbul with his family, eagerly anticipating the pleasure of accompanying you on an exploration through the enchanting streets of Istanbul.

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